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Business Account

Whatever the size of your enterprise, and whether you are established or starting out, we have a choice of bespoke business banking products and a team of in-house experts to assist you.

Current and Deposit Accounts

Whether it is big budgets or modest amounts your business is working with, keep your finances in shape with our selection of business accounts.

Online Banking

Your business never sleeps so why should your bank? Our Online Banking platform provides secure, real time access to all your accounts and transaction information, and gives you the ability to make payments.

Cash Handling Service

Avoid the queues and optimise your time with our Cash Handling Service, simply call in and drop off your cash and cheques.

Payment Facilities

We provide all the payment facilities your business requires to keep it functioning. This includes handling small and large transactions across the leading local and international payment systems.

Currency Services

Available in all the major currencies, our flexible Business Account brings global trade home. Avoid unpredictable exchange rates and make and receive international payments with ease.

Working Capital

Our tailored finance solutions support the everyday demands of your business, and should development opportunities arise, we can support you.

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