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Online & Mobile Banking update – October 2021

We have made enhancements to our Online & Mobile banking facilities which includes a new version of our Mobile Banking app. The most noticeable change is the introduction of Biometric functionality to login to your account(s) with Gibraltar International Bank.

We are pleased to inform you that this is now available as from 14 November 2021

As from this date, our old App will no longer work, and you will need to download the new App from your chosen mobile App store.

Biometric access will significantly enhance the security of your account(s) within our app, and the feature is enabled for all supported mobile devices. This feature is being introduced only for the initial login. 

The most immediate benefit of Biometric access is the speed with which you can login to your account(s) on the go. Effectively, biometric authentication replaces the need to manually input a username and password. Don’t worry if your device doesn’t have biometric functionality; you can still login with a username and password too.

We will continue working on other features and enhancements to make banking easy, safe, and secure.

As a general reminder on information security – we would never send you a link to access your account whether via e-mail or SMS. Only use our official website or App to access our services and contact us should you have any concerns. Our staff are always eager to help you at our branch, over the phone or using our Livechat service. Download our App only from the official Apple or Google stores.

Download our Trouble Shooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


On 14 November 2021 our new Mobile App will go live. If you haven’t installed it on that date, you may notice an error message when you attempt to open the old version of the App. We recommend you delete the app and download the latest version from your mobile App store after this date, to ensure a clean installation of the latest version.

You will NOT be able to use the existing app from this date.

Our new App now has a new icon. The new “App logo” has the Bank’s crest in white against a red background. This will help you identify immediately if you are using the latest version of our App launched in October 2021.

If you attempt to use the old App after the new one goes live, you will receive an error message.

No – due to the restrictions and processes on both Apple and Android stores we are required to remove the old version and replace it with a new version altogether. You will need to re-download the app from your usual store.

Unfortunately, not. For the reasons highlighted above, and to provide clients with functionality over the weekend prior to the switch-over, we are unable to remove the old app and replace it with the app prior to “live” date.

Yes – we cannot operate two versions of the App on either Apple or Google stores. You can still use the new app without biometric authentication if so, you wish to by using your username & password to access your mobile App. If you change your device in the future and you have this functionality, it will be available immediately at that point.

That’s fine. You may not notice many changes when you login in this way. Background improvements have occurred, and some features may have moved around a little – you can still do everything you were able to do previously when you login in this way. We still think you may want to check it out, however. Biometric authentication is a security enhancement that, unlike other security features, speeds up your login!

In short – it won’t work - If you attempt to use the old app after the new one goes live, you will receive an error message and will be unable to login. You should delete it and download the new version.

Neither username nor password will change – you use the same credentials to login on the new App if you are not going to use Biometric information.

You need to grant the App the relevant permissions if you intend to use the new Biometric login features. If you don’t, you will only be able to access your account with a username & password as you would previously. Apple devices will use face recognition, whereas Android/Google devices will use fingerprint unlock permissions.


Our app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android digital devices running up to date software. You will find it in the relevant App store.

The App can be found online at the Apple App Store and in Google Play by searching for 'Gibraltar International Bank'. We recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection when you download the App. Download speed will depend on the strength of your internet connection and the capacity at the app store.

Customers can download the Mobile Banking app from the Apple App Store in most countries and from Google Play. However, the mobile banking App is currently not available from a limited number of Apple App Store countries. You will still be able to access your account using our online banking services through a web browser – many mobile devices include one as standard. Always access your account directly by visiting the official website and not any links on e-mails or third-party search services for maximum security.

To set up your account details on the app, you need to first be registered for Online/Mobile Banking – you should already have your username and password provided by the Bank directly. This information was provided to you when you set-up your account with us. Contact us if you need assistance in retrieving this information – we are available on the phone during business hours on +350 200 13900 or chat to us using our Live Chat service.

No - The app is provided free of charge by Gibraltar International Bank. Please be aware that you may be charged to access the app by your network provider as you do need to be connected to the internet to log on.

This app can be used abroad. When using this app abroad please be aware that you will be responsible for complying with laws in the countries you travel to. Your network provider's charges may be higher when abroad and Gibraltar International Bank is not responsible for these charges. We are aware that whilst roaming, some overseas networks do not receive the SMS one-time passcode. We are seeking to expand our connectivity all the time. Please let us know if you are not receiving an SMS one-time passcode so we can investigate why this may be. It is important you keep us up to date with your mobile number, so we can ensure it is registered correctly for the receipt of these notifications.


Yes. We ensure mobile banking is safe and secure by using industry leading security technology and practices to safeguard your account(s) from any unauthorised access. 

This means that each time you access our mobile banking App and enter your login details, you will be securely connected to your account(s) on our servers. The app does not store any account information on your phone/tablet.

As long as your login details haven't been compromised, your accounts will remain secure. Always remember to log out when you have finished as best practice.

Always remember: we will never ask you to provide your security information, so please keep this information private and use it only within approved access environments such as our App.

Your login details (or biometric approval) are needed to gain access to your accounts via the mobile banking App. If these haven't been compromised, your accounts will remain secure. The app does not store any account information on your phone/tablet. If you are worried that your login details may have been compromised, please contact us to let us know as soon as possible. We would act quickly and change your security information if required, for your peace of mind.

Your mobile banking session will time out automatically after a few minutes of inactivity to protect you from unauthorised access should you leave your device unattended or misplace it.

The app will be saved to your device, so will not be affected if your SIM card changes. If you are changing your device, then we recommend you delete the app from it and reinstall it on your new device. This will not affect your account, your log on details or your password. They will remain the same. If you uninstall the app, you would only be able to access your account(s) by logging on through our website. Uninstalling the app does not close or lock your bank account.


You are using an old version of our App – you should delete it and re-download the latest version from your relevant app store. You should be able to access your account(s) with the same login information you used prior to any changes to our App.

If you receive the above message whilst navigating through our mobile banking app, please follow the below instructions to resolve the issue.

Android devices – Please clear you cache in the first instance, if the issue persists, please uninstall the existing app on your device and re-install the app.

IOS devices – Please uninstall the existing app on your device and re-install the app

With the App, you can access and manage your account(s) quickly and securely from your mobile device. You can:

  • Login with your password and verify this login attempt with the One Time Passcode we send to your registered mobile number. You may now also set-up Biometric authentication instead, which is a recent enhancement to our Mobile Banking App.
  • View your account balance(s) and transaction history.
  • Make domestic and international transfers to others in a variety of currencies.
  • Benefit from exchange rate certainty with exchange rates quoted prior to initiating an international payment in foreign currency.
  • Transfer funds between accounts you hold with us, or to others who also bank with us.
  • Set up and manage payees.
  • Contact the bank via a Secure Messaging feature.
  • View information on any loans or mortgages you hold with the bank.

You can see all the accounts to which you have access to, or are a signatory of, whether you access your account(s) through our website or with our mobile App.

Charges that have already been deducted from your account will be shown as transactions on your statements. A detailed breakdown of charges that might apply to you and your accounts is available on our Tariff Guide.

Yes, previous statements can be downloaded from your app. They can also be downloaded from your online banking access.

You can make transfers between your own accounts and send money to others banking with Gibraltar International Bank. You can also pay others using a variety of payment methods such as “Faster Payment”, “CHAPS”, “SEPA” and “SWIFT” – for a detailed breakdown of charges and cut off times please refer to our Tariff Guide.

You cannot cancel or amend a payment which you have made with same-day value. If you wish, to cancel or amend a payment you have requested to be made on a future date, please visit the future payments section where you will be able to modify or delete a future payment request.

Yes, you will be able to view your messages within the App.

Yes, you can also send and reply to secure messages within the App.

The app can be used 24/7 and account information will be kept up to date. There will be occasions when there will be a difference between the balance of your account and the available balance. This may be due to, for example, a pending debit card payment due to leave the account or a cheque paid into the account that has not yet cleared.