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Higher Interest Savings Account

Are you looking to open a savings account with a higher rate of interest? Our Higher Interest Savings Account might be what you need.

Interest Rate

Lock in your funds securely for a longer period and benefit from an improved interest rate. Interest is paid as per our Tariff Brochure. Interest will be calculated daily and paid monthly.


We encourage you to build up your savings by allowing you to deposit funds into your HISA at any time that suits you. There is a maximum deposit amount per client of GBP 5M**.

How to apply

To set up your own HISA all you will need to do is download an application form from our website and hand it in at our branch once filled in. 24 hours after doing this you will be able to view your HISA via our E-banking system.


You will be able to view your balance via our E- Banking platform. During the four pre-determined withdrawal windows you will be able to make payment transfers from your HISA via E-Banking or withdraw funds from our Cash Desk.


You can withdraw funds from your HISA four times a year. Your HISA will allow you to make withdrawals during the first full calendar week in March, June, September and December.