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You will have access to an experienced Relationship Manager and a range of preferential banking products, for effortless money management.

Relationship Managed Service

Available for face-to-face financial consultations at your request, your Relationship Manager is dedicated to helping you handle your finances. You will also have access to our expert Support Team.

Current Account

Our interest free Current Account includes all the essentials, for uncomplicated banking at your convenience.

Debit Card

Withdraw up to £750 a day with our VISA branded Debit Card, and make instant payments for purchases in person and online.

Online Banking

Conduct your banking online, at anytime, using our secure real time and stable platform.

Direct Debits

Allow companies to collect regular, automatic payments, free of charge.

Savings Account – Immediate Access

Save your way, with an account that offers unrestricted access to your funds and tiered interest rates paid quarterly.

Treasury Deposits

Secure your savings in a Treasury Deposit for an improved rate of interest, available in all major currencies.

Personal Loans

Whether you are settling down or jetting off, our Personal Loans can be adapted to suit your aspirations. Our flexible plans include monthly and lump repayments.

Mortgage – Base Rate Tracker

Ease the mortgage process and enlist the expertise of our advisors. Providing you with a thorough personal assessment, they have the Base Rate Tracker Mortgage to suit your situation.

Standing orders

Create automatic, regular payments. Standard fees apply to international transfers.