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Helpful hints & tips

Fraud and Security

Have you received a message pretending to be from Gibraltar International Bank? If so, do NOT click the link – it is a scam. Remember, never enter your online banking details after clicking on a link in an email or text message.

Gibraltar International Bank will NEVER ask for your PIN or password when identifying you over the phone, by email, SMS or online.

If you are suspicious about a call, HANG up immediately.

Should you receive an SMS or email you are suspicious about, do NOT click on any links and get in contact with the bank as soon as possible on +350 200 13900. 



Email Scam

Arguably the most widely known form of phishing, this attack is an attempt to steal sensitive information via an email that appears to be from a legitimate organization. It is not a targeted attack and can be conducted in masses.

SMS Scam

SMS-enabled phishing sends a text message to mobile phone users delivering a malicious website link to trick you into giving away your personal & security infromation such as your banking details.

Telephone Scam

Phone calls from fraudsters which encourage you to give out your personal details, such as your debit card number or username & password to gain access to your bank account.