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Are you looking to give your child a financial head start in life? If so, our Young Person’s Account could be just what you need.

Young Persons Account

Our Young Persons Account has been created to enable parents, grandparents or guardians to build up savings for a child related to them until they turn 19 years of age. The account will be held in the name of the adult with the name of the child in the designation of the account.

Interest Rate

Benefit from interest paid on the outstanding account balance as per our Tariff Brochure. Interest will be calculated daily and paid quarterly.


We encourage you to build up your savings by allowing you to deposit funds into your Young Persons Account at any time that suits you. There are no restrictions set regarding the amount you can deposit into your account making saving as stress free as possible.


You will be able to withdraw funds from your Young Persons account whenever it suits you. These withdrawals can be done via online or mobile banking.

Online banking

Our straightforward Online Banking platform provides secure access to our services round the clock.

Mobile banking

With banking access at your fingertips, our Mobile Banking app will allow you to view your balance and make payment transactions quickly and securely on the go.

Standing Orders

Standing orders can be set up to credit the account on a regular basis.