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Business Plus Account

For a traditional approach to banking, our Business Plus Account includes cheques and paper statements, as well as access to our trained team of experts.

Current Account

Keep your funds in check with a clear-cut Current Account for a standard fee available whenever you are.

Cheque Book

For those times you would prefer not to make digital payments, your cheque book is the next best thing. A fee for issuing applies.

Hard Copy Statements

We are happy to provide paper proof of all your transactions.

Online Banking

Our secure online platform is open all hours. Instantly access all your account information, make payments and implement tiered access levels for fellow users.

Cash Handling Service

Sidestep the queues with our Cash Handling Service. Just drop off cash and cheques and we will do the rest.

Deposit Accounts – Immediate

Access With interest paid quarterly, this is the ideal account for those that favour flexibility and unrestricted access to their savings.

Deposit Accounts – Fixed Term

Lock in your funds for a fixed period and benefit from an improved rate of interest.


Our Business Plus Account overdraft offers a financial buffer, should you need it.


Whatever you have in mind for your business, we will find you a loan to match your aspirations and your means.

Standing Orders

Activate automatic payments, free of charge. Standard fees apply to international transfers.

Direct Debits

Authorise companies to collect regular payments from you, free of charge.

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